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Strength Training


Build Muscle Using Equipment Built for You

Our circuit training program is designed with you in mind. The machines are hydraulic, meaning there is no weight-based pulley. Instead of a large pile of weights, our machines are fitted with hydraulic pistons which create resistance with the oil flow within their cylinders. The harder you push the machine, the more resistance you create. And the machines are designed specifically for women. We have 10 different strength training machines on the circuit that work all parts of your body, which includes your legs and hips, rear end, chest and back, core, and arm and shoulders. The workout alternates between upper body and lower body strength training exercises combined with high energy cardio moves, allowing you to work every major muscle group. Beginning with warm-up exercises and ending with gentle cool down and stretching, you’ll always get an efficient total body workout on the circuit. The circuit is open during regular business hours, and you do not need to book a time to workout.


Health and Fitness Assessment

When you sign up for our circuit training program, we will complete a health and fitness assessment and assist you with goal setting prior to your first workout. Our health and fitness assessment is a great tool to evaluate your baseline health and create a starting point on your fitness journey. We will start by asking some basic health questions, check your blood pressure, take your bodyweight and measurements, and measure your body composition (BMI, body fat percentage, etc). Your body composition is more relevant than body weight and is the proportion of your body fat and your non-fat mass (bones, muscles, and organs.) This testing will be repeated monthly and charted so that you can see the amazing results you will achieve! 

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