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About AHFW


Our Focus

Abundant Health is our mantra, and our focus is on women’s fitness needs. Our goal is to assist women of all ages in reclaiming their health by motivating them to achieve their fitness goals and live a healthy and active lifestyle. Our equipment and cardio classes are designed with you in mind and can be modified to suit individual needs.  And our personalized FIT app makes it easy to book classes and keep on top of all the exciting things going on in the club.

Circuit style strength training

No "Gymtimidation" Here

We know how daunting it can be to walk through the front doors of a gym for the first time.  At Abundant Health & Fitness, you are stepping into a comfortable, judgment-free, safe environment surrounded by a community of like-minded women. We are all about building relationships, encouraging one another, and keeping each other accountable. Our welcoming staff is committed to you in your pursuit of improving your health and quality of life. 


Take Charge of Your Health 

Losing weight is hard. Keeping it off is even harder. But together, we can do hard things. Good health doesn't happen by coincidence. It requires smart lifestyle choices, proper nutrition, consistent exercise, hydration, and rest. We are so pleased that you have decided to take that step in the pursuit of better health. Allow us to assist you in achieving the health and fitness level you deserve. We look forward to going on this important journey with you!

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