Welcome to Abundant Health & Fitness!

Our Focus

“Abundant Health” is our mantra and our focus is on women’s fitness needs. Our goal is to assist women of all ages in reclaiming their health by motivating them to achieve their fitness goals and live a healthy and active lifestyle. Our equipment and cardio classes are designed with you in mind and can be modified to suit individual needs. 

No "Gymtimidation" Here

We know how daunting it can be to walk through the front doors of a gym for the first time.  At Abundant Health & Fitness, you are stepping into a comfortable, judgment-free, safe environment surrounded by a community of like-minded women. Our welcoming staff is committed to you in your pursuit of improving your health and quality of life. 

Take Charge of Your Health 

Losing weight is hard. Keeping it off is even harder. But together, we can do hard things. Good health doesn't happen by coincidence. It requires smart lifestyle choices, proper nutrition, exercise, hydration, and rest. We are so pleased that you have decided to take that step in the pursuit of health. Put yourself first. Be stronger than your excuses. And let us help you achieve the health and fitness level you deserve. We look forward to going on this important journey with you!

Meet the Owner

Micky Bates, Owner & Coach
Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Board Certified Tai Chi Instructor 

After managing a women's fitness center for 7 years and spending the past 5 years teaching exercise, nutrition education, and Tai Chi classes to older adults, I decided it was time to fulfill my dream of owning my own fitness center for women. My passion to support and assist women in achieving their weight loss and fitness goals is a deep rooted desire after overcoming (and still working on!) my own battle with obesity and chronic health problems. I would love to share my story with you and show you how proper nutrition and physical activity can improve your quality of life. We are all a work in progress, but together we can achieve our goals and live longer, healthier, and more abundant lives. 


Meet our Awesome Group Fitness Instructors

Sheila Raletz, Certified REFIT® Instructor

Sheila has a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration with a minor in Fitness/Wellness from the University of Central Missouri. She has previously taught group exercise classes at the YMCA and received her REFIT® certification in June 2021. Sheila's passion is to empower women to be their best selves and she hopes to do that by providing a fun fitness experience where EVERYBODY feels like they belong. 


Kari Campbell, Zumba Instructor (IGNITE class)

Kari started attending Zumba classes 7 years ago and absolutely loved it from the start, especially the beat of the music and the feeling of pushing yourself to your personal best. She's  been teaching for 2 1/2 years and her favorite part is feeling the energy of the group she's teaching because they push her to continually better herself. According to Kari "it’s just a fun way to spend an hour!"


Rita Agenstein, Certified Zumba Gold Instructor

After attending Zumba classes at the YMCA for several years, Rita decided to obtain her Zumba Gold Instructor license in August 2020. Rita learned to dance standing on her dads shoes and has always loved music. Rita said "My family loved to move the furniture out of the way make room to dance!"  Rita's goal is to keep herself fit while helping others remain active and enjoy the fun of moving to music.